Motorcycle gloves history

Motorcycle Gloves
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Motorcycle gloves evolution

As we already stated in motorcycle gloves history, the creation of a really good glove for motorbikes was not an easy task. Gloversville handschumachers had many problems to solve in order to make a product that was anything but ordinary.

As it turned out, the answer was innovation. The continuous testing of new and different materials, fabrics and types of leather. At the same time the method by which the motorcycle gloves were sewn proved to be equally important.

As motorcycles' top and average speed was increasing by the year, the handschumachers needed to keep up. Both them and the fourchetters, the people who sewed the gloves, had to find new ways of making the glove. They had to differentiate their techniques in such a way that motorcycle gloves were warm but at the same time relatively thin and easy to wear.

Motorcycle gloves didn't just need to be elegant and classy. They also had to keep the motorbike rider warm and most of all safe.

Motorcycle gloves evolution

As new and new materials and sewing methods were discovered, motorcycle gloves continued to improve. The use of plastic also lowered their cost somewhat but usually at the expense of quality, even though that was not always the case.

The brink of the 2nd World War also resulted in significant improvements in the industry. Mostly from the part of the German army. The use of BMW motorcycles was widespread by Wermaht soldiers. And as everyone understands, it would be hard to drive a motorbike at top speed in the harsh German cold without the proper gloves. Thus the German army also started to experiment with different types of gloves and gauntlets.

Truth to be said, German glove tailors did not have the know how or the background of their Gloversville colleagues. Nevertheless, they had a problem at hand and the determination to solve it. And solve it they did. German motorcycle gloves of the era were of top quality. The types of leather and the sewing methods were of course different. A lot of innovation and ingenuity did take place. But at the end, only the results matter. And their results were indeed optimum!

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